IMG_20160213_150052I absolutely adore pizza in all its forms, whether it be a perfectly crisp thin base ”Pizzetta” a thick crust ”San Fran” style or even a chewy & almost doughy  ”Neapolitan Crust”. I like to try new recipes and i am always baking fresh pizza at home. You do not necessarily need a wood fired oven at home to create great Pizza.

First of all you need to start with a recipe for a great dough, if i am in a rush i will make a dough with commercial yeast or for the ultimate Pizza i’ll make a cold dough a day in advance with a little sourdough starter and let it ferment slowly in the fridge. This step in preparation is trickier to work with as the dough will be a lot stickier due to the moisture, however when you master how to handle the dough it creates the most amazing crust! This dough has a tendency to produce large air pockets around the edge of the crust which to any Pizzaiolo’s delight caramelise and give a slightly charred flavour to spots in the crust.


When you have mastered the art of pizza making you can experiment with toppings and have some fun! I especially love the Coppi Duck, Pommegranate & Truffled Honey Pizzetta or a simple Neapolitan style Margherita finished with a generous amount of fresh basil & olive oil.

Duck Pizza


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