Linguine ”Cacio E Pepe”

Linguine ”Cacio E Pepe” is the absolute best way to enjoy freshly made Pasta. This simplistic way of enjoying pasta will always come top of my list, it is the ultimate cooks late night snack, i often add a little truffle oil to give it a luxurious twist. The beauty of this is all Pasta shapes & sizes work fine with this recipe, a personal favourite of mine is Conchiglie. I love how the little cups fill with all the peppery olive oil & nutty Pecorino!

Ingredients; (Serves 2)

1 serving of fresh or dried Pasta

1 serving freshly grated Pecorino (a big one is fine)

2 Tb Sp good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Freshly grd black pepper

Salt to taste

Knob of butter (Optional, but i like it)


  1. Heat a large pot of salted water to a fierce boil (do not add olive oil like some recipes will tell you).
  2. Add the pasta and stir gently to be sure the Pasta does not stick together.
  3. Boil for approx 2 mins (if using freshly made Pasta) or 6-7 mins for dried.
  4. Drain and toss immediately with the olive oil & butter if using.
  5. Mix half the Pecorino & season generously with black pepper & salt to taste.
  6. Plate up and sprinkle over the remaining Pecorino.

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