Pizza at Home…

Everyone has their own idea of the perfect Pizza, for me it really depends on what i am going to top it with. If it’s a classic Margherita i like a thick chewy crust with plenty of good olive oil drizzled over the freshly torn basil.

When it comes to topping a Pizza i tend to keep the crust thin & crispy to allow room for those flavoursome additions. The following recipe is becoming a firm favourite at home, the perfect marriage of salty pancetta, fresh asparagus & onion all finished with freshly torn sweet basil. However the greatest thing about Pizza is it is totally up to you!

pizza dough.jpg

(Makes 2 Medium-Large Pizza)

For the Dough;

  • 400g strong flour
  • 100g fine semolina flour
  • 15g sea salt
  • 10g dried fast acting yeast
  • 10g caster sugar
  • 700mls lukewarm water
  • 1 tb sp extra virgin olive oil


  • Place the flour in a large mixing bowl, make a well with your fist in the middle, sprinkle the salt on one side & sugar on the other.
  • Add the yeast to the water, whisk until it begins to froth then add the olive oil
  • Pour the water into the well & slowly work the flour into the liquid mix in a swirling motion until a dough is formed.
  • Lightly flour a work surface, turn out the dough & knead by pushing the dough forward with your wrist & pulling it back with the same motion.
  • Continue to knead for 8-10 mins, it will feel wet, don’t be tempted to add more flour, it will become more elastic after kneading & become easier to handle.
  • Set aside for 2-3 hours to prove.


For the Tomato Sauce;

  • 150g good quality tinned plum tomatoes, blended to a paste
  • 1 tb sp sea salt
  • 1 tb sp dried oregano
  • 1 tea spoon caster sugar
  • 1 tb sp extra virgin olive oil

pizza unbaked.jpg

To assemble;

  1. Pre-heat the oven to the maximum heat & place baking stone in to heat for 30mins (if you have one, if not use a thick metal tray).
  2. Lightly flour a work surface & divide the dough into 2 balls, roll between both your palms to shape into a ball.
  3. Allow the dough to rest for 5 mins while preparing your toppings, i recommend 3 asapargus spears cut thinly, 2 scallions, 4 smoked pancetta rashers, 1 buffalo mozzarella ball, 6 basil leaf picked.
  4. Flour a rolling pin and roll the pizza out to desired thickness, lightly flour the underside once shaped.
  5. Place on the pre-heated tray & immediately spoon over 2 tb sp of the tomato sauce & sprinkle over 3 tb sp grated white mozzarella.
  6. Scatter over the remaining ingredients & drizzle lightly with extra virgin olive oil.
  7. Place in the hot oven & bake for 15-20 mins until lightly golden.
  8. Gently remove the pizza from the tray (if using one) & place on the racks to allow the bottom to be exposed to the direct heat.
  9. Bake for a further 5 mins until crisp.
  10. Remove from the oven, cut & top with freshly torn basil & grated parmesan.



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