Sourdough Bread…

Bread Basket

In October 2014 i began to work on Sourdough bread recipes alongside Tony O’Neill for Coppi, Il Pirata & Bartali Restaurants. We never imagined the scale to which we produce today at our production unit. It was an exciting and very educational time, there are so many factors which can result in great or terrible bread. We worked tirelessly on recipes & methods and today we are serving the restaurants with our unique recipe Sourdough Italian style Ciabatta, Focaccia & Crostini.

It took us around 8 months to finally find a ”perfect recipe” which met our needs, the problem with sourdough bread is the waiting around, it ferments naturally & this process is a lot more time consuming than commercial yeast based breads. However i recommend that everyone experiences the pleasure of making their own sourdough bread atleast once!

If there is one major tip i would give anyone making bread that would be keep it simple, the more ingredients you add the more inconsistent the end product becomes.


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