Carclinty Farm Mangalista Curlies

Us Chefs get excited about great quality produce, this plays a big part in our kitchen at Coppi where we have been lucky to work alongside some of Northern Ireland’s top producers & suppliers.

Early last year we were invited to experiment with these fantastic Mangalista Pigs nicknamed Carclinty Curlies which was to say the least the most delicious Pork we had ever seen or tasted! The flavour, texture & colour is far superior to the more commonly used counterparts we are used to, therefore we should naturally be showcasing these amazing beasts. This is all testament to the hard working farmers who make it all happen and we love to shout about a great product when we find it.

We received delivery of one of these fantastic pigs last week & plan to make a small batch of our own pancetta which is exciting so keep an eye out for updates.

Below are two of the dishes our chefs decided to cook last year. We can not wait to see what our Chefs do with them this time…

Our Chef preparing a Mangalista Curly Loin

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