Tynedale Goat Kid






I first tasted Goat Kid in 2012 when I began working at Il Pirata Restaurant. Tony O’Neill had been trialling this beautiful product as a special menu item from William Haire who had a farm based on Divis Mountain. I immediately fell in love with the rich, sweet & very tender meat.
Since then the business has been taken over by Ann Wilson & Husband who now farm the goat kids in the hills of Saintfield Click here for Website…. The health benefits of eating Goat meat are incredible, it is very high in iron & low in cholestoral and not to mention it is the most widely consumed meat on earth with 80% of the worlds population enjoying it as part of their diet.

There are numerous suppliers throughout the country producing this fantastic product, the best known being Broughgammon Farm based on the beautiful north coast. These guys do a great Goat Meat Kebab!



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