Romaine Leaf Salad, Olive Oil, Tzatziki, Pomegranate & Sumac.

The perfect salad to enjoy with spiced roast chicken for a lazy healthy evening meal. I just love the the slightly sour & fruity flavour addition of the sumac alongside tasty pearls of pomegranate with these crunchy leaves. The tzatziki really brings this salad to life with its creamy fresh texture & flavour.


Ingredients (Serves 2 as a side dish)

For the salad;

6 large romaine lettuce leaves, washed & cut on the angle into 3
2 tb sp fresh pomegranate seeds
1 small bunch of mint, picked
1 shallot finely diced
1 tb sp extra virgin olive oil
salt & pepper to season
2 teaspoon of sumac

For the tzatziki;

1 medium cucumber, grated coarsely & drained well of liquid
2 tb sp finely chopped fresh mint leaves
1 small garlic clove, minced
1 small cup of yoghurt (equal to the amount of cucumber once drained)
salt to season


1. Firstly make the tzatziki set aside.
2. In a large bowl dress the romaine leaves with he olive oil, season lightly & add the shallot before assembling in a serving bowl.
3. Drizzle over the desired amount of tzatziki, add the mint leaves, pomegranate & sprinkle with the sumac.




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