Conference Pear, Vanilla & Cinnamon Tart Tatin

A classic french dessert is hard to beat anytime of the year, but the great thing about a delicious tart tatin is the versatility with seasonal changes. You can make a lot of exciting versions using different fruits at different times of the year!

I love the classic pear & apple versions this time of year when it is cold. The warmer months call for a peach or pineapple version served with lightly whipped cream or decent quality ice cream. Some of my favourites are banana and rum, pineapple & cardamom and peach & almond.

This very simple recipe works a treat for a dinner party or relaxed Sunday lunch.

Ingredients: (Serves 4)

1 Roll of Puff Pastry
4 Large Pears
50g Cold Butter
75g Caster Sugar
Half Tb Sp Grd Cinnamon (or 1 stick)
1 Vanilla Pod, Split to Expose Seeds





1. Preheat fan assisted oven to 190c.
2. Peel the pears, cut the cores out on an angle & set aside.
3. Coat a 12’’ non stick frying pan with the cold butter before coating with the caster sugar.
4. Place the vanilla pod in the centre of the pan before sprinkling over the cinnamon.
5. Arrange the pears around the pan, try to cover most of the surface, this will help the tart caramelise evenly!
6. Place over the puff pastry & tuck in the edges around the pears tightly.
7. Place the pan on a high heat & cook until beginning to caramelise
(usually between 8 & 10 mins).
8. Once beginning to colour place in a hot oven for 15-20 mins until the pastry has become golden & crisp to touch.
9. Remove from the oven and allow to settle for 5 mins before turning Out on a wide plate, give it a little shake to be sure it has been released from the bottom of the pan.
10. Serve with freshly whipped cream or ice cream.


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